Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to reshape the nose. Most commonly known as a nose job, rhinoplasty can sometimes get botched and requires another nose job. While the first surgery is elective in nature, the secondary is corrective. It is advised that you should choose the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in dubai  for this surgery.

Commonly known issues that require revision rhinoplasty:

Similar to the primary procedure, revision rhinoplasty also requires immense estimation and surgical skills and leaves little or no margin for error. In order to reduce the risk of expensive secondary (and tertiary) surgery, seek out a well-informed and skilled  nose job dubai  with whom you can discuss your concerns and expectations. The successful results of revision rhinoplasty depend on the expertise of your surgeon. So, choose wisely!

Here, we will enlist some common issues that can be corrected with a revision rhinoplasty surgery.

1-Nasal passages are obstructed

2-The disintegration of nasal structure (cartilage and bones)

3-Artificial cosmetic look that appears overdone

4-Asymmetry becomes worse

5-Incomplete or excessive reduction of the dorsal ridge/hump

6-Incomplete change in appearance

7-Underdone or overdone tip projection

8-Excessive narrowing of the nasal tip (called a “pinched tip”)

9-Formation of too much internal or external scar tissue

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