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Situated in Manchester, we supply GRP grinding non slip flooring built from fiberglass, as an ideal and practical option in contrast to conventional grinding materials like wood, gentle steel and tempered steel.

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Fiberglass grinding is framed utilizing persistent entwined glass filaments as fortification material and sap as the lattice with nonstop hardening through a form framework. The uniform development gives amazing bi-directional mechanical properties.

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GRP Grating Systems fibreglass grating can also be supplied in various resin finishes to allow for many and varied applications such as offshore where fire resistance and low smoke are critical or environments where highly corrosive chemicals are present.


Dura Grating now features our best ever gritted surface for unrivalled anti-slip performance. The unique high specification composition has been tested to over 1 million footfalls (in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002+A1:2013) and achieves ultra-low slip potential in both wet and dry conditions. GRP Mini Mesh Grating   And what’s more, the slip potential of the surface is proven to reduce by a mere 5% after an incredible million footfalls, so you can have peace of mind in the safety of your heavy duty flooring product.



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